World’s Best Father – Funny Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow

Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow captures one of the most affectionate bonding in a relation. Dad & Daughter, it is the best ever relation which requires no words to explicate. Yes! The understandings, care, feelings and most importantly the love between a father and his daughter is somewhat special and completely different from any other relation on this earth. Undoubtedly, the happiest moment the duo spend is ensured to be the most charming and joyous time in their life.

The facts reveal that a father is always the first ‘living hero’ in a girl’s life and the same replies the father stating his daughter to be his ‘little beautiful princess’. Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow represents the amusing moments that the dup spend. Beginning with the daughter’s first step, to her childhood, and even after that, all the moments are brilliantly captured by Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow.

Dave Engledow has highlighted the funniest ever moments between a dad and daughter through his artificial eyes, the lens. The fact that a daughter and her dad can have the funniest relations has been so nicely illustrated in Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow with his fine talent. Be it swirl cone, pumpkin head, jelly extraction or ice cream joy, saying cheese over a plateful of cheese nuggets; the photographs are just amazing in bringing out the humorous ways a dad and his princess can interact. Father playing wonder man and daughter playing batgirl, kitchen police, time for tea, the artist, selfie breakfast are the most hilarious pictures presented in Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow.

The below exemplified Brilliant & Funny Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow will surely woo you!

Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-24   Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-1 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-2 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-3 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-4 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-5 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-6 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-7 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-8 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-9 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-10 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-11 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-12 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-13 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-14 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-15 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-16 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-17 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-18 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-19 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-20 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-21 Funny-Dad-Daughter-Photographs-22


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