What Is Photography? 10 Reasons To Be A Photographer

what is photography

Put in the simplest terms photography can be termed as the art of capturing the beauty of a moment or a scene in the most realistic and appealing manner with the help of an appropriate tool. Contrary to what most people think, photography is not a technical skill, but is related to the creativity and passion of an individual, each of whom has a unique perception about what is photography.

what is photography

There are several reasons that might inspire an individual to be a photographer. While some might choose it as a profession or a hobby, others might take it up just to satisfy their curiosity about what is photography, while still others might be passionate about it just like any other art form. Given below are the top 10 reasons that make individuals take up this creative art.

1 – It Provides A Creative Outlet

Just like painting or poetry, photography provides people to explore their creative side, albeit in a slightly different manner. Clicking great images requires the photographers to first visualize the beauty of even an ordinary subject using their creative skills.

2 – It Is Challenging

Photography is not just about pointing the camera at a subject and clicking random images. In fact most photographers when questioned about what is photography, answer by saying that it is the presenting their perspective to the world in a manner that is appealing to the audiences.

3 – It Helps Preserve Memories

A good photograph helps in preserving a special moment for a lifetime. People can relive their beautiful moments and feel inspired by them by them countless times by simply looking at a photograph clicked at just the perfect time.

4 – It Tells A Tale

A single picture is worth a thousand words is not just a saying but a fact of life. What is photography if not a frozen collection of a countless words telling a tale about a specific subject or a scene, which is unique for every picture?

5 – It Inspires People

A successful photographer can help inspire and motivate countless people towards a cause. Well clicked pictures bring out the pain and distress present in society and hold the power to stir the emotions of people to eliminate the same.

6 – It Helps Record History

A timely picture can helps capture the greatest moment in history. In fact some of the most significant moments in history have been documented in picture format by people who knew about what is photography and its significance and were present at the right place at the right time.

7 – It Helps Bring Families Together

In the modern times, when people are too busy to spend time with family and friends, a family photograph session can help them spend some time together. Such sessions rekindle the love and kinship between members who have not met for years.

8 – It Helps in Bending Reality

A great photographer is able to click images that blur the difference between what is photography and what is reality. Clicking images that bend the reality can provide the onlookers an entirely different perspective of everyday things

9 – It Makes People Appreciate Nature

Nature photographers play a vital role in making people aware of the beauty of nature. Bringing out the best aspects of nature helps people to appreciate its majesty and splendor. This can prove extremely effective in driving people to conserve the natural environment.

10 – It Is Great Fun

The biggest reason to become a photographer is simply to enjoy the great fun that the activity has to offer. What is photography, if it does not create a sense of thrill and excitement amongst the photographers and inspire them to bring out the wide range of expressions and emotions of their subjects in the most creative manner?

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