Wedding Photography Tips – 10 Ways to Take Brilliant Wedding Photos

The wedding photography is a beautiful art and requires the photographer to keep a check on the minute details as well as the procedures which are associated with the big day. Since each wedding is different, each requires to be handled in a different manner. The wedding photography is not similar to the other casual forms of photography. Presented below are the 10 wedding photography tips which can aid the photographers in taking the perfect shots:

  1. Create a list of ‘shots’:

The first and the foremost amongst the wedding photography tips is to weave a list of shots to be taken at the wedding before hand. This includes the various family shots which are a must at the wedding. This will save the photographer from the feeling of regret that he failed to click some of the shots of the couple with their elders.


  1. Understand the desires of the couple:

One of the most significant tips, is to meet the couple and gain an idea about what all they want as well as what they don’t want in their wedding pictures. This is an important photography tip, as it will make the thoughts crystal clear between you and your client.

  1. Focus on the smaller details:

The most effective tip includes focusing on the smallest details of the couple right from the wedding ring to the dresses of the bride and groom and the decoration of the venue. The photography tips include taking an extra effort to make the wedding photography enticing and cherishing.

  1. Know your camera well:

This is a must photography tips, for all the photographers, no matter whether they are novice or experienced ones. There is no space for trying new gears and reading the instruction manual when you are at the wedding. Thus being a professional wedding photographer, you should learn about the basic settings and flashlights of your new lens much before entering the venue.

  1. Scout the venue:

One of the nifty wedding photography tips is to visit the venue one day before the wedding day. This will give you an idea about the places where you can take some of the perfect shots of the couple, which will be loved by them after years of marriage.

  1. Keep the camera sound on an off mode:

The sound of the camera must be switched off to avoid the annoying beep sound during kisses, speeches and vows. This is a worthy tip for clicking wedding photographs.

  1. Carry your kit:

An amazing tip is to carry a separate DSLR apart from the main one which you are already carrying. It’s always advisable to carry the entire kit which includes flash gun, lens cloth, reflectors, monopod and other equipments in your kit.


  1. Backup:

The most important tip is to carry some extra flash batteries to reduce the chances of getting caught in an embarrassing situation. For capturing the best wedding shots, a must have tip is to carry a backup of everything which is important for taking the shots.

  1. Use the diffused lights:

The key tip for clicking wedding shots is to use the diffusion of the flashlight to give a unique touch to the photographs. You can opt for an image stabilization lens to make the best use of diffusion.

  1. Bride’s shot:

Last, but definitely not the least tip, is to take one beautiful shot of the bride in her wedding dress. This shot can be taken a little before she enters the wedding hall. This shot should be directed with utmost care and style, so that the bride can cherish this shot of hers, throughout her life. Make sure the shot is lively and has the beauty of the highest order.

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