Portrait Photography – How To Select Best Clothes for Portraits?

What the subject wears during the portrait photography session forms an important aspect of how the final picture turns out to be. As such professional photographers need to advice their clients or subjects on the right choice of clothes so as to get a truly remarkable picture. The following tips can prove helpful for photographers to make their subjects choose the right apparel for portrait photography.


  1. Choose A Comfortable And Simple Outfit

Unless the subject feels comfortable about what they are wearing they can hardly be in a relaxed frame of mind that is extremely essential for getting the right feel and expressions for portrait photography. Moreover, it is best to keep the attire simple with preferably neutral or dark shades as shiny clothes, or apparel with unusual designs and patterns tend to have distracting affect on the photographer besides making the final image look something more of riot of colors than a portrait.

  1. Avoid Clothes That Are Too Revealing

The aim of portrait photography is to bring out the beauty of the subject through their expressions. Wearing skimpy clothes that reveal more skin than necessary tend to negate the whole idea of the portrait photography, which is more about modesty, style and elegance. It is best to wear long sleeved blouses and pants or skirts that have a graceful fall below the knees.

  1. Keep The Skin Tone In Mind

It is important to keep the skin tone of the subject in mind while choosing the color of the dress. Photographers need to remember that the dress ought t o compliment the subject and hence should be in a color that enhances the natural beauty f the subject. While people with lighter skin tones can wear almost any color of their choice for a portrait photography session, subjects having darker shades of skin need to be a bit more careful and choosy.

  1. Ensure Color Co-ordination In Group Portraits

While clicking pictures of a group of people for portraits, it is important to ensure that all people wear colors and dresses that do not clash with one another. This might require the subjects appearing together as a group to need to co-ordinate with each other for choosing the right apparels for the overall portrait. Wearing similar attire is a common way of overcoming the problem of co-ordination win group portrait photography.

  1. Choose Simple Accessories To Match The Clothes

Accessories that might seem too loud or too bright should be avoided during portrait photography, unless they are a part of the main theme. In case the subject chooses to wear jewelry or makeup, it is advisable to keep it to the bare minimum, so as to keep retain the focus on the subject. In addition, it is important that the photographers guide their subject about the use hats scarves and other accessories in co-ordination with their attire.

It is the responsibility of the photographers to educate their subjects about the importance of dressing properly for a portrait. The above tips can prove extremely helpful in helping photographers to click beautiful portrait pictures of their subjects dressed in perfect attire.

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