Photography Marketing Ideas – 10 Easiest Ways

Photography Marketing Ideas – 10 Easiest Ways

No matter how good a photographer is, their inability to grab the attention of the right clients can create a major hindrance in the path of their professional growth. The best way to avoid such situations is for the photographers to ensure that they the right approach for marketing their talent. Contrary to the popular belief all marketing strategies do not necessarily have to be necessarily time-consuming and expensive. In fact, there are several photography marketing ideas that despite being quite affordable and easy to implement, provide the desired effects.


1 – Built Professional Networks

One of the easiest ways to get the attention of professional in the area of photography is to start networking with them.  Promoting the work of a fellow professional can prove to be quite beneficial photography marketing ideas in terms of helping the photographers get referrals and even enhancing the chances of a partnership.

2 – Exploit Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have come to play a critical role in business promotion and growth. Creating a page on such websites is one of the most effective and affordable photography marketing ideas that professionals can opt for. It helps the photographers to exclusively showcase their talent.

3 – Use Print Marketing

Using your photography within your print marketing is a great way to make a first impression and stand out. Presentation is key and printing great looking folders, brochures, flyers, and photo frames is easy with a helpful print company.

4 – Offer Incentives For Referrals

Offering incentives to people who refer them to other potential clients is also an effective photography marketing strategy. The incentives can be in terms of a discount on a photo shoot or clicking a picture for free or even a small token or gift. These incentives combined with good quality of the pictures inspire the existing clients to spread a good word about the photographers.

5 – Get Published In Photo Blogs

Photography blogs are a great way to catch the attention of the right clients which is why photographers should make every effort to get featured in them. It is also advisable to try and gain entry in multiple blogs, especially the ones known to prefer good quality work over the number of images being published.

6 – Do Some Charity Work

Photographers should go out and clock some pictures for free very once in a while for a valid social cause. This is one of the tested photography marketing ideas that not only helps enhance professional growth but also provides a sense of satisfaction and peace to the individuals.

7 – Work With Professionals From Other Fields

Also known as cross marketing, this idea can prove great results in minimal time. Photographers can choose to do a photo shoot to promote the other business and get an opportunity to display their talent to the world as a part of this mutually beneficial bargain.

8 – Use E-mail Marketing

creating e-mail lists and using them for business promotion is one of the most effective photography marketing ideas. Interacting with prospective clients on a personalized level is sure to provide much better results than any other marketing strategy.

9 – Stamp The Prints

Every picture sold by a photographer can act as a marketing tool when it is stamped with the contact details of the individual. People just need to look at the stamp to know where they can get more high quality images similar to the ones that have appealed to them.

10 – Give Free Copies

Photographers who are still in the initial stages of settling in their profession can adapt one of the most successful photography marketing ideas of giving away free copies. This helps them reach out to prospective clients and in some cases even the professional experts.

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