Johna – A Professional Food Photographer Of Immense Calibre And Skill

How many times have you opened a book or even visited a website and come across amazing photographs of foods that make you want to eat them right then and there? Well, this is the kind of magic that professional food photographers can weave through their creativity and skill. Until only a few years back, food photography was nothing more than a niche in this vast field and was nowhere near the niches of wedding photo-shoot or even corporate portrait photography. However, the scenario has changed totally now, with this creative art emerging as only the second most popular subject of photography. This significant change has been made possible thanks to ability of skilled professionals like Johna, who present even the simplest foods in the most appealing manner.

Johna – A Multitalented Professional

As a Singapore based professional, Johna has extensive experience in the different types of photography niches. Having had an opportunity to work with some of the most renowned photographers’, right at the start of his career, has helped him gain an in-depth understanding about the various creative aspects of this field.

In the recent times he has emerged as one of the most talented food photography experts thanks to his ability to give a specific meaning to the aesthetic beauty captured in his images. For him clicking good pictures is a passion that is not limited to just having the right knowledge about adjusting the lighting and clicking the shutter.

Making Even The Simplest Foods Look Exotic

Professional food photography is generally a collaborative effort of people with different skills and talents. It mostly involves the contribution of an art director, a food stylist a prop stylist and most importantly a good photographer.

However, Johna handles most of these tasks on his own without diminishing the quality or the appeal of the images in any manner. His food photographs hold the same quality and majesty, as the ones clicked for a corporate photoshoot. Such is the beauty and appeal of his photographs that they seem to be almost realistic and the viewers just want to have a bite of what they clearly understand is an image.

A True Professional To The Core

Apart from his immense skill and creativity, Johna has been able to gain a place amongst the leading food photographers thanks to his sheer professionalism. Every image project he accepts is undertaken with the single objective of ensuring maximum benefit for the clients. From clicking images for a gourmet cookbook or to be included in the recipe descriptions on cookery websites, Johna can be trusted to provide the best images relevant to the context.

He is also one of the few professional photographers, who understand the importance and value of time. This is evident from the fact that he works extremely hard to ensure that every project is completed and delivered well in time. This has helped him win the trust and appreciation of his clients besides enhancing his goodwill within the field. Despite being one of the most challenging niches of photography, Johna has made people believe that it is quite simple and interesting, which is surely one of his biggest achievements.



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