10 Tips for Better Engagement Photography

Engagement is actually the precursor for a wedding, so is the engagement photography. Through engagement photography the photographer’s job is to show the spark which the couple has to the world and announce to the world that they are soon going to become the man and the wife. Thus the photography for the engagement needs to be creative, enticing and love struck. Mentioned below are the 10 tips which can enhance the engagement photography.

1.Meet the couple

Screening the couple who are about to celebrate the engagement their engagement. This way you can figure out their personalities and what sort of chemistry the two individuals have. This idea will aid in getting some of the best engagement shots.

2.Take a trip of the location

The engagement shots are the one which lays the foundation of a new beginning in the life of the couple. Thus the photographer needs to look for some best looking backgrounds to take the picture. Thus before the D-day, scouting and getting familiarized with the location can aid in capturing the best shots.

3.Bring the appropriate gears

The engagement photography is all about capturing the couple in a classic yet elegant manner. Every photographer is different and has a different working style, so make sure you carry the appropriate equipments which can fulfil the different shots you intend to take at the engagement ceremony. The different gears can be flash gears, tripods, multiple lenses and HDRs.


The lights play a major role in any sort of photography. The engagement locations usually have the fill flashlights which are little less. The trick is instead of fighting with the available light; use it to the best advantage for the shots. If there is an open location, the beautiful light can be used for focusing on the couple.

5.Keep the couple hooked

The nifty tip for clicking the best piece of engagement photography is to click the pictures in such a manner that the couple appear to be connected with each other. They may be nervous, but you need to click them in a manner that they feel completely into each other.

6.Engagement ring

The engagement ring is the most significant object of the engagement ceremony. Thus the prime focus on this day after the couple in the pictures should be the engagement ring. Think of interesting and unique poses for displaying the ring of love.

7.Come with an assistant

A good assistant can play the role of a saviour, right from carrying the equipments to adjusting the flash lights. Your assistant can keep the reflectors in the right position to bring out the best of the shots. The assistant can take up some responsibility off your shoulders and take care of the details such as background of the pictures and the equipment.

8.Capture the ‘burst’ mode

The most significant aspect of the engagement shots is to capture the couple in the ‘burst’ mode once they are done with their stiff posing things. Once the couple starts laughing, chit chatting and loosening up, it’s the right time to capture some amazing shots which they will remember throughout their lives.

9.Shift focus from the face

After taking some shots of the face, shift focus from the face and try to capture the other flip things, such as the couple chatting with each other, looking into each others eyes and even kissing. This will announce their relationship in the most amazing manner.

10.Event shoot

The couple might not be aware about it, so suggest them a date night idea. They can meet up at different location, have some time together, eat and chit chats. This can give a fabulous and innovative touch to their engagement shots. These pictures would be just priceless.

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