5 Essential Tips for Better Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce web design is an integral part in making an ecommerce site successful. Hence when you are doing ecommerce web design, you have to careful enough to implement the best website design tips to make the ecommerce site stand out. The ecommerce web design factor is very important as it is the deciding element of an ecommerce business. A great website design has the magical power to transform potential customers into loyal customers. Let us read the magic behind it in this blog.

Here are the 5 Essential Tips for Better Ecommerce Website Design:

1. Ecommerce Website Should Have A Good User Experience & Great Usability:


The most important web design tip is to design the ecommerce website keeping the users in mind. The users should get a good user experience while navigating the website. Hence it is important to keep the visual design and layout crisp. All the widgets should be big enough so that the user of the ecommerce website cannot miss them. There should be minimum steps involved to search for a product or to make a purchase. This will increase the usability of the website.

2. Add Product Description & Review:

The second website design tip is to add a short description of the product along with review. An online shopper will definitely want to know more about the product he/she is thinking of purchasing as an online shoppers can’t feel or see the product in person.  Therefore, a quick product description and a customer review will help the shopper to make a purchase decision. A good ecommerce web design should enable a customer to write a review of a particular product.


3. Use High-Quality Images:

Another essential web design tip is to use images of higher quality. A good ecommerce web design should contain high-quality images that will allow the user or online shopper to zoom in for a closer view. Moreover, multiple images of a product from various angles should be displayed. This will also help the user in making the decision to buy.


4. Increase The Visibility Of The Search bar, ‘shopping cart’, ‘add to cart’ Buttons:

A potential customer will surely use the search bar to browse the ecommerce website. Generally, the search bar is place in the upper right-hand corner. Test the on-site search engine regularly to ensure that it is working properly as search errors tend to frustrate customers.


Keeping the shopping cart button visible on every page is a nice ecommerce website design and one of the important website design tips. Typically, the shopping cart is placed right next to the search bar. The ‘Add to Cart’ button is one critical element on an ecommerce website’s product listing page. The ‘Add to Cart’ button is recommended to be designed in contrasting colour and large fonts.

5. Make The Checkout Process Effortless:


The last, but not the least, an effortless checkout process is another website design tip. When you make the shopping experience easy, online shoppers will return to your website in future.

5 Essential Tips for Better Ecommerce Website Design

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1 Comment

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