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Blending two different pictures into one is what double exposure portraits are really all about. In fact, it is just an extension of the error that we often notice in the negatives of our photographs, where one image overlaps the other. Creating double exposure portraits not only helps in giving vent to your creative ideas but can also prove to be extremely fun filled and exciting. The use of technology has made it possible to add diversity and color to the double exposure portraits, which are increasingly gaining immense popularity as a developing art form. In the modern times, it is possible to click double exposure portraits even with a cell phone camera, however for professional portraits using the right camera and equipment is extremely essential. Also creating double exposure portraits is not as easy as it may seem as it requires the photographers have a very precise knowledge about the rate of exposure of the film to get the exact desired effects. It the right use of a combination of techniques and processes that makes these pictures so valuable and artistic. In fact defining the beauty of these pictures is often not possible through words. Given below are some creative ideas for double exposure portraits which are sure to leave you mesmerized and craving for more.

1) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits


2) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-2


3) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-3


4) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-4


5) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-5


6) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-6


7) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-8


8) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-9


9) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-10


10) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-11


11) Image Credit [Via] Double-Exposure-Portraits-13

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