5 Savvy Tips for a Better Blog Design

A well-designed blog not only demands attention due to its features, but also due to its amazing looks. One way a person is going to make visiting a blog enjoyable is by choosing a great design that fits nicely to what the blog offers. Grabbing the visitor’s attention is no doubt the surest way to enhance one’s blogging success on the internet. Here are a few tips for those struggling to come up with a blog design to include on their websites.

1. Make goal-centered design decisions

The sole purpose why a blogger will want to select a good blog design is because they are driven by a desire to fulfill all their blog related goals. While there are many designing tools that one can choose to integrate into their websites, it is also important to note that not all have the ability to lead a blogger towards his or her success. So how can one ensure that they have picked a design that is centered toward their objectives? The answer is simple use different visual presentations and a call to action that offers solid results. It is also advisable that to get appealing results, both headlines and call to action sections should be featured on the most visible places on the blog page.

2. Use unique colors


It is often said that colors can have a profound effect on different people. For example, the right colors can influence thinking cause reactions and even change actions in humans. This is a little known truth that shows how important colors become when they are used wisely during blog development. If one wants to achieve the same effect with their blogs, then they should identify the right colors to include in their pages. For example, if they want to emphasize a certain area on their pages, then they can consider using bright colors to grab the attention of their visitors.

3. Registering a domain name

While there are many free sites that a person can use to start and promote their blogging careers, but it’s quite difficult to brand them so registering a domain name is a key factor at the beginning. As a blogger strive to develop a name that people will love and come to appreciate when they visit the blog page. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that one finds a name that not only increases exposure among readers, but also helps them to stand out in the market.

4. Create easy-to-consume content

Besides creating appealing layouts that are meant to impress every first-time visitor, bloggers are also required to create content that is easy to digest. From communicating complex subjects to offering step-to-step guidelines on how to make a certain thing work, bloggers are always urged to present their ideas in a simple fashion. Apart from that, they are also encouraged to include subhead and short body copies, which makes content a bit organized and easier to consume.

5. Make it user-friendly


The whole process of selecting a better design and adding it on a blog site is not as easy as most people tend to think. Generally, the process involves one taking an image created by Photoshop software and adding it up as a background image in certain areas of their page using CSS or HTML codes. Should a person mess by adding so many background areas within their blog page, then this might take more time to load things in the background, which may end up considerably increase the amount of time a guest has to wait during load times. Always aim to make the blog easy to navigate and visitors will never stop coming to the blog.

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