10 Tips to Find the Right Color for Your Home Interior

The most difficult and confusing decision to make while decorating your home interior is definitely the choice of color. Given the abundance of shades and hues to choose from, pinpointing the right one becomes truly a challenge. While your personal choice of interior color is definitely important, you also need to take various other aspects into consideration such as design styles and the overall aesthetics of your home. Then there are always the friends and relatives bombarding you with advice about the right color choice for your home interior.

While there is no sure short method of selecting a color that would suit your home interior the most, the following tips can help to minimize the confusion and make the most favorable choice.

1.     Choose  A Color That Adds Value To Your Furnishings


The style and color scheme of furnishing often play a vital role in the choice of interior color. However, it is important not make the common mistake of selecting a color that exactly matches the furnishings unless you want to give a really intense look to your home interior. Colors that are in contrast with the furnishings generally make a place look livelier and spacious.

2.     Study The Colors Carefully

The seemingly subtle differences in the tones of colors as presented on sample strips should not be ignored. Many times these insignificant differences come out as a totally undesired shade when the interiors are painted. As such it is important to study the colors and their different tones very carefully before finalizing the right one for interior color.

3.     Use A Multi-Color Scheme

The trend of selecting a single color for the entire home, although still quite common, is definitely not the best. It is a good idea to experiment with multiple colors for different parts of the house. This gives more variety to home interior by enabling you to choose a different color scheme for each room of the house.

4.     Understand the Difference Between Warm And Cool Colors

Colors are generally categorized as warm and cool colors orange, red and pink are categorized as warm colors and are generally considered an ideal interior color for spaces that need to reflect a feeling of warmth, love and coziness. The various shades of blue, green and violet colors fall under the category of cool colors and are believed be ideal for home interior that have a soothing and relaxing effect.

5.     Take The Lighting Pattern Of your Interiors

This is an extremely important yet perhaps the most overlooked aspect of choosing the right color for your home interior. It is important to not only take into account the number and type of light bulbs and tube lights, but also how they reflect the various colors and also the amount of natural light that filters inside.

6.     Choose Colors That  Don’t Contradict Each Other


With the use of multi-color schemes gaining popularity, you need to ensure that all the colors you choose are in co-ordination with each other. This means that, the one interior color should not reflect badly on the other and should add to the overall beauty of a space rather than giving it the look and feel of an amalgamation of all the wrong shades and hues.

7.      Be Patient during Color Selection

Exercising patience is extremely important to end up choosing the right interior color. Correctly judging the different shades and mixing and matching them with other factors that influence home interior is a very tiring job, but if done correctly and with patience can produce awesome results.  

8.     Don’t Miss Out The White

White is a universal color and the market today offers different shades of white that can help in transforming the land appeal of a home interior in a significant manner. You just need to know how to use this color judiciously so that it adds to the beauty of your home interior.

9.     Don’t Make A Choice To Please People

Most often you might be forced to choose a color that has been selected by someone you love dearly. This is perhaps the worst mistake to make in decorating your home interior, unless your personal choice matches exactly with the color chosen by this other individual. It is important to give preference to your choice rather than letting others decide things for you.

10.    Seek The Advice Of An Expert

This is perhaps the best way to avoid all the stress and frustration of choosing the right color for your home interior. A professional interior decorator perfectly analyzes your choices and all the other factors before offering a list of options that would most suit the overall décor and style of your home.

The above tips can help you in selecting the most suitable colors for decorating the interior of your home. They are more of guidelines rather than the rules for choosing the perfect color to match your taste and the overall style and décor of your home interior.

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