10 Photography Tips for Amateur Photographers

Photography is a great hobby and can be a great way to make some good cash, too. If you are among the many budding amateur photographers who are discovering the joys of photography here are some useful photography tips that will help you get excellent results every time you click:


1. Start From The Beginning

It is easy to skip the introduction in photography because there are so many wonderful cameras out there that do everything automatically. Focus, light, distance, mode – everything can be automated. However, if you want to get some great clicks you need to know your camera inside out. Start with a manual camera and walk  and not rush your way through each part and function. Learn what it does, how it can be manipulated, what are the effects the part gives to the photograph. When you understand your camera, you will be able to use it better – even in the auto focus mode – and you will end up shooting better snaps.

2. Get The Feeling In The Photograph

You will agree that photography is a method of expression; this is why a good photograph should say something. Learn to take photographs that speak. Take your time to capture your subject and use the background to complement or contrast your subject to bring out the message you want it to convey.

3. Get Out Of The 50mm Vision Mode

Most amateur photographers are stuck in the 50mm vision mode. If you shoot through a 50mm lens, the frame will represent exactly what you see with plain eyes. One of the greatest photography tips to get great snaps is to learn to manipulate the frame of your vision. Focus in, focus out, and experiment with depth of the image until you find the best way to capture your subject.

4. Learn To De-clutter the Photographs

When you take a snap try keeping the focus on your subject by eliminating everything that does not contribute to your picture. Apply the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle every time you take a snap.

5. Use Only High Quality SD Cards

Buy cheap and you will repent. The best DSLR will perform as a cheap point-and-shoot camera if you use poor quality SD cards.  Always use high quality SD cards.


6. Experiment With Variation

The pros work really hard to get that perfect picture you admire in the magazines. It is not just a see-and-capture photograph. You need to experiment with your subject; take a step back, walk around it, look at it from various angles and click. Look at the results and learn from your experiments.

7. Learn Editing

One among the most useful photography tips for amateur photographers is to learn photo editing. Today knowing how to edit a photograph is as important as learning how to click a good photograph. Take baby steps here and keep in mind that editing should not substitute a good shot, but it must be used to perfect it.

8. Stay Away From Motion Shots

Great motion shots require experience. Do not get into this genre until you know all there is to know about your camera and its functions. Go slow here and you will grow into an excellent photographer; go fast and you will remain average.

9. Pay Attention to The Composition Of The Frame

What you include in the frame can make a lot of difference to what you are shooting. Pay attention to the composition of the snap; a small detail excluded or included can make all the difference between a good photograph and excellent photograph.

10. Move Towards Specialization In A Particular Genre

Choose a particular genre and try learning all there is to learn about it. Specialization would make it easier for you to graduate into a pro.

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