10 Easy Ways to Capture Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the way through which a photographer captures the true essence of an individual and his story of life on the lens. A portrait needs to be captured in such a manner that myriad interpretations can be made by just having a glimpse of the photograph. This is the reason the portrait photography calls for capturing deep impressions while clicking the shots. Here are 10 easy and nifty portrait photography tips which can enhance the experience of clicking portraits.

1. Establish a connection

One of the nifty portrait photography tips is to provide an ease to the model and observe him/her carefully before actually getting behind the lens. By establishing a strong connect with the person, you can gain the total indulgence of the subject, which is the prerequisite for a great piece of portrait shots.

2. A ground up pose

It’s said that the best portrait pose is the one which starts from the feet of the subject. If the feet of the subject are not set in the desired manner, then the picture can go out-of-whack. Thus make sure that your subject poses in the manner which can shape the figure well.

3. Alter the perspective

Usually the portrait shots are clicked at the eye level of the person or the subject under consideration. To give your portrait photography a new and undefined boost, completely alter the angle from which you shoot. This change will give the photograph a ‘wow’ factor.

4. Wide angle

Some worth cherishing portrait shots can be clicked by using a wide angle lens in the camera. The wide focal length of the camera will create a wonderful distortion. This will enlarge the parts of the body and face over the edge of the picture frame and give the photograph a dramatic impact.

5. Off camera flash

A photographer must remember that the flash rarely gives a flattering touch to the face of the person, when it is put straight. But if the flash is used on the sides of the subject, the creation of both shadow as well as light can take place on the subject. This will bring out more details in the portrait.

6. Emotions

An emotion wrapped portrait is the desire of every photographer. A valuable portrait photography tip here is to direct the picture in such a manner that it turns out to be a magical portrait and the emotions kindle with the model posing in the portrait. A proactive approach is needed to bring out such a glorified picture. The onlookers should feel the deep dark emotions of the portrait with just a glimpse.

7. Environment

The light as well as the ambience plays a big role in bringing a good portrait or killing the charm of it. An efficient photographer is the one who knows how to make the things work best for the enhancement of the portrait he is about to click. For instance, if you wish to showcase an intense character, then dim light seems to be best.

8. Hands

Hands can act as a piece of meat for the lens. They can be used in varied ways to give the picture a unique touch, as different angles can be used to make the hands look more pleasing.

9. Eye contact

The model’s eyes can bring an insightful impact to the photograph. Trying things like looking off the camera and looking within in the photo frame, instead of directly looking at the lens can make the difference.

10. Backgrounds

The subject is the main point of the photograph, but placing the individuals in different contexts as well as backgrounds can dramatically alter the mood of the shot for the best. You can even keep the background of the portrait as minimum as possible.

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