10 Basic Interior Decorating Tips for Living Room

All of you would surely agree that the home is a place where the heart lies. Living room is the first impression about your home, which a guest imbibes when he takes his first step into your house. Living room is considered as the most integral part of a home and assumes a myriad role on the various occasions. The living room is the place where most of us and our guests chill out and hence taking efforts to make it look modern and feel ultra cozy is the biggest agenda for many of the home decorators. Below mentioned are some of the enticing and awesome interior decorating tips for the perfect living room. Read on and note down your favorites.


1. Choose the right color scheme

The first and the foremost interior decorating tips for the living room hints at picking the right color scheme which provides an inviting and beautiful look to your living room. The colors should either contrast or compliment the furniture placed in the living room. The colors should be such that they raise the aesthetic value of the living room. There are myriad options which can be explored when it comes to painting the room with different shades and themes. Choose the color which suits you the best and make you feel good.

2. Arrangement of the furniture

Every home owner faces the issues with the placement of the furniture in the living room. This is the reason individuals often search for interior decorating tips which helps them figuring out the arrangement pattern for the furniture. To create a functional as well as a visually pleasing room, the size and quantity of furniture is what we must take into consideration. Don’t always pick the biggest sized rug, just because you like it; pick the things that fit well in your living room.

3. Cushion up the living room

An enticing interior decorating tip is to use the cushions of different shapes, fabrics and sizes which adds a distinct admiring factor to the living room and also compliment the sofa placed in the room.

4. Interior decorating tips for floor coverings

A dull looking floor can actually steal away the magic of a beautiful living room. This is the reason the coverings of the floor becomes a focal point for many of the home decorators. It is always advisable to replace the dull look of the floor with colorful carpets and beautiful rugs. The rugs and carpets are available in a wide variety of colors as well as designs and will surely not create a hole in your pocket. You can always pick the floor cover which goes with the overall theme of your living room. To give your living room a new lease, try experimenting with rugs of different shades and pattern. This modern mantra goes well with most of the living rooms.

5. Placement of the accessories

The next interior decorating tip pertains to the places where the living room accessories can be placed. The placement of the accessories can only be decided once the arrangement of the furniture is done. The accessories such as the hangings, artworks etc. add a certain charm to the living room, provided they are placed nicely and appropriately.

6. Interior design of the living room

This is one of the most precious of the interior decorating tips when a living room is considered. The design to a large extent will depend on the size of the living room. You can put across your creativity coupling it with the living room’s size to come up with something as enticing as seen in those highly elaborated movies. If you feel you are a little less in terms of the creativity, you can take the help of the internet. You can go for a blend of modern and contemporary design or a pure of the either. All depends upon your choice and taste.

7. Light it up with the lovely chandeliers

The most enticing of the interior decorating tips for a living room concerns with the hanging lamps which adds to the value of the living room, called the chandeliers. The way you place the chandeliers can add a unique dimension to your living room. You can place it near the wall or the entrance of the room.

8. The right wall decorations

An interesting interior decorating tip concerns the wall decorations which can make the walls look more appealing. You can put picture collages in a frame, mirrors or wall sconces to make it appear beautiful. When you incorporate the mirror theme, the living room will look all the more spacious.

9. The sunshine drapes

Drapes do add a new definition to the living room, but the interior decorating tip to note here is that they do not act as a hindrance for the sunshine. The darker curtains do block the path of the lights and the ones which are made from sheer act as a light inducer. The market is always flooded with different shades and fabrics of the curtains, so you can pick the one which pleases you the most. Make sure that the color of the curtain goes well with the theme of the living room and in no sense ruins it.

10. Brighten up with lamps

The last but not the least interior decorating tip is about adding lamps to the different corners to beautify the room. You can play with different styles of the lamps.

The above mentioned interior decorating tips for modern living room has touched upon each and every fundamentals to give a unique and modern appearance to your living room.

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