Night Photography – 30 Incredible Examples

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The genre of photography that deals with capturing outdoor pictures starting from nightfall to daybreak is defined as Night photography. Of late, with the advent of high-speed films, wide-aperture lenses and higher-sensitivity digital image sensors, this type of photography is gaining popularity. Popular Subjects: Some popular subjects of night

50 Popular Types Of Photography – What Type of Photographer Are You?

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Types Of Photography: Photography is one of the most popular hobbies. There are many types of photography and thereby many types of photographers.  The various types of photography make use of various techniques and the different types of photographer use their skill in their particular filed of expertise. Do

Black And White Photography – 25+ Brilliant Shots

Black and White Photography will never fade out. Of late, the trend is to indulge in black and white photography and add colour to one or two key point of the picture. This is the most famous technique used by many shutterbugs. Use of the colours black and white

Excellent Family Photography Ideas – 30 Examples

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Family Photography is very much welcome when you have a function at home and the great Indian extended family is under one roof. Capturing your family with precision is an art. There are many innovative ways to make family photography excellent and a memory to cherish. Apart from weddings,

Car Photography – 30 Brilliant Examples

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Car photography is not a child’s play. For an amateur photographer, it takes volume of practice and patience to get the right shot. Moreover, there are many things one has to take into account. One has to bring in the elegance of the car as well as portray the

Sports Photography – 30 Outstanding Shots

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Sports photography is one of the difficult kinds of photography. The best way to master this art of photography is through perseverance. Get Equip: First, you have to get yourself equip with a 35mm camera as this camera can easily carried. And yes, do carry one with auto focus,
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