Still Life Photography – 30 Brilliant Shots

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Still life photography is capturing images of inanimate objects where the photographer tries to tell a story with a picture. Still life photography makes images look life-like and is one of the most appreciated forms of art. This type of photography requires high skill and expertise. Background plays an

Wedding Photography Tips – 10 Ways to Take Brilliant Wedding Photos

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The wedding photography is a beautiful art and requires the photographer to keep a check on the minute details as well as the procedures which are associated with the big day. Since each wedding is different, each requires to be handled in a different manner. The wedding photography is

Architectural Photography – 30 Amazing Examples

Architectural photography is the genre of photography that deals in capturing photographs of houses and building and similar structures. The subject of architectural photography can be classical or contemporary. Like other types of photography, architectural photography needs practice and special gears to shoot. A wide-angle or fish eye lens

Food Photography – 30 Delicious Shots By William Hondokusumo

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Food Photography is a type of commercial photography that captures attractive photographs of food for use in cookbooks, advertisements, menus and packaging. When you do food photography always select the food items which are fresh and never over manipulate the food item. Remember to keep it simple. You can

50 Best Examples of Family Photo Ideas

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Family photo ideas can vary. What to wear, where to shoot, how to pose are some of family photo ideas. But zeroing in on the best idea and the techniques used to capture picture can create a big impact. In this blog, I will give you some advises and

40 Most Romantic Couple Photography Examples

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Couple photography is a way of promoting romantic photographs of couple whether they are soon-to-be married, married for 10 years or just engaged unofficially. But before you start couple photography sessions, you have to do your homework. Decide on the poses and the angles in which you want to

30 Cute Children Photography Inspiration

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Children photography can be a challenging job as most children do not have the patience to pose for the camera. As a result the pictures might turn out to be blurry and out-of-focus. Hence remember not to ask the child to look at the camera and smile. Children photography

30 Beautiful Wedding Photography Ideas

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Wedding photography is one of the favourite types of photography. Most of the photographers have started their career with wedding photography. Before you practice wedding photography, ensure that you make a list of the shots you are planning to click. This is very helpful especially during the wedding ceremony
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