Bird Photography – 25 Stunning Examples

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For most nature photographers, bird photography is not only extremely challenging but also quite fun filled and thrilling. Whether it is the picture of a giant eagle in flight or that of a sparrow feeding its little ones, clicking stunning pictures of birds in their natural environments is a

Portrait Photography – How To Select Best Clothes for Portraits?

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What the subject wears during the portrait photography session forms an important aspect of how the final picture turns out to be. As such professional photographers need to advice their clients or subjects on the right choice of clothes so as to get a truly remarkable picture. The following

Road Photography – 25 Photographs of Beautiful Roads

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When it comes to clicking pictures, road photography is rarely considered to a profession people should opt for. But it is only an enthusiastic photographer that can bring out the beauty hidden in the roads and paths that we tread on a regular basis. The art of road photography

30 Brilliant Examples of Rooftopping Photography

Are you aware with the newly emergent fad in the photography named rooftopping photography? In this kind of a photography the photographer acts like a brave soul and climbs to the top of the skyscraper to catch some beautiful shots. The trend of the rooftopping photography has made its

5 Must Follow Photography Habits for Amateur Photographers

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The art of photography holds different meanings for different people. While some take it up as a passion or hobby, for others it is the means of earning their livelihood. Irrespective of what prompts people to be photographers, they all have to go through a phase, when they are

10 Tips for Better Engagement Photography

Engagement is actually the precursor for a wedding, so is the engagement photography. Through engagement photography the photographer’s job is to show the spark which the couple has to the world and announce to the world that they are soon going to become the man and the wife. Thus

Bokeh Photography- 30 Outstanding Examples

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Are you also delighted by the charm of the bokeh photography? The term ‘Bokeh‘ is a Japanese word which is used to signify a blur like effect. The bokeh effect adds a real and distinct depth as well as style to the images which are clicked by a photographer.

10 Easy Ways to Capture Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography is the way through which a photographer captures the true essence of an individual and his story of life on the lens. A portrait needs to be captured in such a manner that myriad interpretations can be made by just having a glimpse of the photograph. This
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