Field of Flowers – 20 Colourful fields that catch your eyes and sooth your mind

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The sight of a colourful field of flowers can cool off any mind instantly. While it is true that seeing a flower field is a rare sight in most of the places across the world, a good photograph of a field full of blooming flowers can bring nostalgic memories

World’s Best Father – Funny Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow

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Dad & Daughter Photographs by Dave Engledow captures one of the most affectionate bonding in a relation. Dad & Daughter, it is the best ever relation which requires no words to explicate. Yes! The understandings, care, feelings and most importantly the love between a father and his daughter is

Amazing Pictures of Dubai – 20 Stunning Photographs

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Dubai pictures can perfectly douse your readiness if you have not yet stepped into the Arabic city. The city with plentiful of natural as well as artificial beauty lures thousands of international travelers throughout the year. The city located on the Persian Gulf coast can challenge to woo your

The Must Have Wedding Shots, When Tying the Knot- A Complete Infographic

Wedding, in all probability, is the perfect event to count upon in life! The special occasion not only bonds the duo, but at the same time enthralls the gatherings. The enticing memories can only be relished if there is an option to capture each and every moment of the

Double Exposure Portraits – Creative Ideas

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Blending two different pictures into one is what double exposure portraits are really all about. In fact, it is just an extension of the error that we often notice in the negatives of our photographs, where one image overlaps the other. Creating double exposure portraits not only helps in

Bodyscape Photography – 20 Brilliant Examples

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If you have ever wondered about how your body would appear if it were to form the basis of a landscape photo, then bodyscape photography will definitely provide you with the answers. This extremely fine art of blending the different contours and shades of human bodies to give the

Splash Photography – 20 Amazing Examples

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Spilled liquids are generally considered to be a messy affair but with splash photography, even the spilling of liquids can be turned into a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience. However, practicing the art of splash photography requires the photographers to not only be extremely patient but also quite methodical. Capturing

Improving Your Portrait Photography Skills – 10 Tips for Natural Looking Portraits

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Clicking beautiful pictures is the ultimate aim of most professional photographers; especially those who are passionate about portrait photography and pursue it as a profession. Understanding the subtle differences between general photography and clicking pictures for portraits is the first step towards ensuring success as a portrait photographer. The
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