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Splash Photoshop Brushes – Free Download

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Shooting for a simple unique design? Check out this slash Photoshop brush! If you’re in need of a classically designed background set that can be used in many projects, you’re in luck. Use this unique brush image for your next project. Perfect for backgrounds or adding a flare to

Flat Line E-Commerce Icon Set – Free Download

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For your design pleasure we have a special treat for you all today! As apart of an ongoing collaboration with we have a icon set sure to turn heads. If you haven’t spent much time on the network sites and you are a designer, you have stumbled

The Art of Product Label Design: A Quick and Simple Step-by-Step Guide

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When you’re preparing a product for retail, one of the most important aspects to focus on is the product label (and/or packaging). Depending on the strength of your competition, your product labelling will often hold the ability to make or break your product, especially if you’re planning to retail

10 Best photography Blogs for Passionate Photographers

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Photography blogs can be referred as a forum through which the enthusiastic shutter bugs can reach the audience. The perfect blend of brilliant photos with eye-catching content makes ideal Photography blogs. There is a very apt saying by Diane Arbus which states, “A picture is a secret about a

Entering A Photo Contest? Here Are 14 Tips That Will Help You Win It

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First off, sorry to break it to you but there isn’t a cheat sheet to winning a photo contest. Sometimes, the judges are captivated by the untold stories in a picture, sometimes they are blown away by the photographer’s prowess and his translation of a subject, and sometime they

Photography Business Ideas – 10 Easy Ways To Make Money

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The best way for people to be happy with what they do is by choosing their passion as their profession. Sadly most people do not follow this principle when it comes to becoming a professional photographer as they believe that this making decent money through this profession is not

Responsive Content Sliders for Free

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Responsive content sliders: The manner in which content is presented to the viewers plays a critical role in ensuring the success or failure of a website. One of the most popular methods of presenting content is to make it slide across the screen of a device used for viewing

Jewellery Website Designs – 30 Examples

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Are you a website designer hunting for some good web designs for jewellery website? The prime objective of a jewellery website is to display beautiful photographs of the jewellery in such a manner that whosoever visits the website feels eager to place and order of the same. This is
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