Splash Photography – 20 Amazing Examples

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Spilled liquids are generally considered to be a messy affair but with splash photography, even the spilling of liquids can be turned into a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience. However, practicing the art of splash photography requires the photographers to not only be extremely patient but also quite methodical. Capturing

Arctic Sunset UI kit Free Download [PSD]

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Websites and blogs should be easy on the eyes and simple to use for visitors as well as for the developers. This UI kit is the ideal way to create just such a site. The kit features more than a hundred elements in categories such as blogging, sliders, and

10 Basic Interior Decorating Tips for Living Room

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All of you would surely agree that the home is a place where the heart lies. Living room is the first impression about your home, which a guest imbibes when he takes his first step into your house. Living room is considered as the most integral part of a

Improving Your Portrait Photography Skills – 10 Tips for Natural Looking Portraits

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Clicking beautiful pictures is the ultimate aim of most professional photographers; especially those who are passionate about portrait photography and pursue it as a profession. Understanding the subtle differences between general photography and clicking pictures for portraits is the first step towards ensuring success as a portrait photographer. The

Bird Photography – 25 Stunning Examples

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For most nature photographers, bird photography is not only extremely challenging but also quite fun filled and thrilling. Whether it is the picture of a giant eagle in flight or that of a sparrow feeding its little ones, clicking stunning pictures of birds in their natural environments is a

Portrait Photography – How To Select Best Clothes for Portraits?

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What the subject wears during the portrait photography session forms an important aspect of how the final picture turns out to be. As such professional photographers need to advice their clients or subjects on the right choice of clothes so as to get a truly remarkable picture. The following

10 Tips to Find the Right Color for Your Home Interior

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The most difficult and confusing decision to make while decorating your home interior is definitely the choice of color. Given the abundance of shades and hues to choose from, pinpointing the right one becomes truly a challenge. While your personal choice of interior color is definitely important, you also

25 Fresh Thin Fonts For Free

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Typography forms an important aspect of website design and in the recent months free thin fonts have become extremely popular. The main reason behind the popularity of these fonts is that not only do they present the website content in an extremely stylish and elegant form but they also
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