20 Free CSS3 and JQuery Countdown Timers

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Whether a new website is being launched or an existing website is down for maintenance or other reasons, countdown timers prove to be an effective way of retaining the interest of visitors to such sites. Countdown timer scripts offer an innovative solution for displaying the time remaining for an

Retro Technology Icons – Free Download

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Keep up with ever-changing technology by using these Retro Technology Icons.  If your design project is needing an icon that showcases your technology services, be sure to utilize any of the 35 icons in this retro set. Included in this free download are multiple computer screens, technology accessories and

25 Best Web Forms PSD Templates

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Most websites or web applications today need to use some type of form for ensuring improved interaction with the customers for greater growth and profitability. In addition to being user friendly, these forms also need to be aesthetically designed and attractive to generate a better visitor response. While earlier,

25 Best CSS3 Button Examples For Designers

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Are you a web designer and looking for some exclusive CSS3 Button examples for your different projects? Each and every website aims for captivating more and more visitors; hence it is of prime importance to the web designers to design such a website which not only keeps the audience

Ace HDR Photography with Lightroom-Tutorial

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HDR is short for High Dynamic Range and can be defined as a set of techniques used to produce an image with greater dynamic range of luminosity than what is achievable with standard digital photography techniques. This very pleasant effect has become so popular that even now, most modern

Business Icon Set Free Download

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Do you have a business client or project that could use an extra professional touch? The 36 icons included in this Business Icon set will add a clean and simple edge to your project’s design.  Featured in this icon set are: light bulbs, businessmen, technology icons, setting gears, and

11 Minimalistic Yet Highly Effective Banners

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No matter where you happen to live, work or visit, you’ll likely come across banner ads in some shape or form every single day of your life. They’re on the Internet, printed on the subway, printed on the sides of buses, and there are even printed banner ads on

Lomo Photographs – 25 Stunning Examples

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Experimenting and innovating the old methods is a trick which is being played the most, today; photography being no different. Words such as unique and vivid are synonymous to Lomography. Lomography is the form of photography where the 20th Century techniques are exploited and are then clubbed with the
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