4 Common Causes of Web Design Revisions and How to Avoid Them

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Being a web designer can either be the most fulfilling job in the world or the reason why you want to rethink your life choices. You see, it’s great to be paid for something you love to do. Most web designers are artists at heart and would embrace every

4 Mistakes You’re Making When it Comes to Web Design

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When you launch your website, and begin to grow your business, the last thing you want to do is cause your site visitors to leave before even seeing what you have to offer. That said, studies show that site visitors will form an opinion about your website within 50ms

Johna – A Professional Food Photographer Of Immense Calibre And Skill

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How many times have you opened a book or even visited a website and come across amazing photographs of foods that make you want to eat them right then and there? Well, this is the kind of magic that professional food photographers can weave through their creativity and skill.

The Main Trends in Graphic Design – An Overview

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New trends in graphic design are rare. One can tell when trends replace each other only by looking a couple of decades back. Trends in graphic design are not short-lived and never disappear without a trace. They penetrate into our life gradually, slowly gaining popularity. All the major trends

5 Designing Lessons You Should Learn from Milton Glaser

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Milton Glaser is one of the most famous graphic designers, whose work is still influential today. One of the most memorable trends that he gave us is the I (heart) New York design, but also many other slogans and logos that we see and remember are here thanks to

Portrait Photography – How To Select Best Clothes for Portraits?

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What the subject wears during the portrait photography session forms an important aspect of how the final picture turns out to be. As such professional photographers need to advice their clients or subjects on the right choice of clothes so as to get a truly remarkable picture. The following

5 Tips for Designing Great Book Covers

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While reading enthusiasts insist that we shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, publishers claim differently and offer statistics to support their statements. According to the experts, a great cover is a book’s number one asset for effective marketing. With an overcrowded market and a growing number of self-publishing

What Is Photography? 10 Reasons To Be A Photographer

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Put in the simplest terms photography can be termed as the art of capturing the beauty of a moment or a scene in the most realistic and appealing manner with the help of an appropriate tool. Contrary to what most people think, photography is not a technical skill, but
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